green movement (bus portrait series) 2011


…how spon/combust lab works: more or less…designs to clear the theoretical
glut in the brain, working toward allowing a free flow of creativity in a
collaborative setting…bits and fragments of what you wake up in the morning
pissing words and thoughts the disjointed solutions and revelations, incomplete
poems, that one brilliant line that  from the perpetually unfinished
novel…share and snare it…or just flow, but certainly go…all this stuff is a
thing in itself taking on a life of relationships with other things and minds;
correlations/ contrasts/ inspirations and the surprise…maybe.

Working  with artists writers and musicians from all over. Part of the
clearing-house of my own recently addled/ad- led brain and giving back in
hopefully a creative and spontaneous way: stream of consciousness, non sequiturs , off the
wall/on the wall, political, parody or whatever…it is sent to me , I edit or
put into a lightweight graphic format, I jam with it as well and the
permutations in language image and music are sometimes really great.
Here are some. Look forward to your contributions…feel free to pass
Carl Heyward