jhina alvarado / arthaus: sf
…caught a peek:
Jhina Alvarado’s CANDID MOMENTS at ArtHaus / san francisco this afternoon and am impressed by the use of encaustic ( a medium I am not particularly  fond of) in a subtle, yet powerful way; encasing ghosts of memory of anonymous yet familiar figures in squares almost  apologetic, nearly pornographic; shameful, comical and sad; distanced members of a familial clan disguised and distorted and for all that identifiable as gestures of passing modes of aspiration and behavior, of values hoisted and flagging… failed and sealed now in wax seen in pitiable review in the blacked out eyes of shielded archaic cultural  aspirants to the fame of family, of place; the pose at the beach with the baby, the grinning congratulatory beauty queens: falseness/glamor/fame/  the posture of invented personality come to mind…bravo Ms Alvarado…
through December 29, 2012
411 Brannan…

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