paints through fabric, thread, ANTIQUE kimono fragments, color, organdy, light, passion and dread;  fear of life; fear of death; the legacy of imperial and demolished japan the pride and sentiment of the new age that consolidates the old with twists of new seeking identities fragile and ephemeral as a smoke passing through humor and pain; sown uncertainty with a soft bravado bedeviled breath of female arts sanctioned and reclaimed distorted turned thread to gold and gold to shards of enlightenment; sewn sinews of distant shadow memory: japan reduced in fire and returned to economic delusion trick-daddy mickey mouse and Arby’s Roast Beef franchise and Geisha in a Bentley with tired salary man misled and misrepresented a corporation too far, too tangled to trust and homage to the nuclear age/wage/waste that still shudders in meltdown poisoned sushi scorched earth gone global in a yugen moment of frozen dark…

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